Lothar Lang

Lothar Lang Cargill

Senior Leader Process Control and Automation



Lothar Lang has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany; Industry veteran in Process Control and Operations. He worked for Bayer for 15 years, among others as plant manager and head of Advanced Process Control. Lothar worked 8 years in the Petrochemical business for Lyondell/LyondellBasell as their global lead for Operator Effectiveness and then 2 years for a consulting company on alarm management and operator HMI (Human Machine Interface). He returned to a manufacturing company, Cristal – a global TiO2 producer, as their global lead for Process Control and Automation and joined Cargill in 2018 as a Senior Leader for Process Automation within Engineering and Data Science. He is a core member of Cargill’s global Smart Manufacturing team leading the Capability “Operator Effectiveness and real-time Process Optimization.

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