Imran Khan

Senior Scientist

Bristol Myers Squibb


Imran is currently working as Senior Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) at Discovery Biotherapeutics, San Diego site. My role involves identification and designing/engineering of novel biologics to target the major culprit oncoproteins. Prior to this, I worked as a Staff Scientist at Hollings Cancer Center at Medical university of South Carolina. Here my research focused on understanding novel chinks in RAS armory using Monobody platform for tumor targeting. I developed a tumor targeting delivery system during my PhD tenure and the delivery system has been patented both with European PCT and USA patent committee and is at the stage of commercialization now. This delivery system caters to tumor targeting both in terms of specificity and delivery.  I have ample experience on drug discovery platforms for targeting some of the most aggressive tumor types and have published about 21 papers and a patent that includes 15 first author papers thus far.

During my presentation at this summit, I will be providing snapshot of the stories about AI and drug discovery and how we can use AI platforms for expedite screening and harness its potential for tumor targeting. Further, the key insights of how to bridge the gaps between the biologists/drug hunters versus technocrats will be discussed.

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