Dipesh Khakhkhar

Senior Engineering Manager



Dipesh Khakhkhar is a seasoned software leader with over 22 years of experience in building innovative products. Currently, he heads the Charging Cloud platform organization at Rivian, a company revolutionizing electric vehicles (EVs).

In his role at Rivian, Dipesh is dedicated to making the Rivian Charging Cloud platform smarter, more reliable, and highly scalable. This ensures a seamless charging experience for EV drivers, allowing them to efficiently charge their vehicles. His focus at Rivian lies in the exciting intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), EV charging specifications (OCPP, ISO-15118, OCPI), and ensuring interoperability between different charging vendors. This focus paves the way for a more unified and efficient EV charging ecosystem.

He brings a wealth of experience in distributed systems and a passion for leveraging data to develop customer-centric solutions.  Prior to Rivian, he held leadership positions at industry giants like Intuit and eBay, where he honed his skills in building robust software products.

Dipesh holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.


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