Alexander Meredith

Senior Engineer – Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering



Alexander Meredith is a high-achieving young professional with both industry and research experience. Currently serving as a Senior Engineer and product owner at Toyota Motor North America, he is instrumental in standardizing the operations networks for the region. In his role, Alexander leads the design, standardization, governance, and support of next-generation operational technology networks for North America. Holding recent education and research in smart manufacturing, he applies practical and theoretical thinking to contemporary problems.

With experience in commercial agriculture, luxury goods, auction companies, web development, and the automotive industry, Alexander leverages an eclectic problem solving mindset to each situation. Professionally, Alexander’s focuses are IIoT connected enterprises, manufacturing data lakes and analysis pipelines, IT/OT convergence, manufacturing cybersecurity, and Art of the Possible early-tech adoption.

As a graduate research assistant at Purdue University, Alexander focused on Machine Vision cognitive functions for manufacturing assembly procession inspection, mixed reality technologies, additive manufacturing, and product lifecycle management theories. Alexander graduated with both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from Purdue University, where he walked-on to the football team.

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