IoT & Smart Pharma Summit Europe

IoT & Smart Pharma Summit Europe 2022 Recordings

Thank you for attending IoT & Smart Pharma Summit Europe on 14 June 2022.


We hope you enjoyed the presentations, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities.


We have made the recordings available below:




Modernising Manufacturing Operations: Leveraging IoT and Emerging Technology Innovations for Optimised, Smart Manufacturing Capabilities


Moderated by Yudan Lin, AI & Digital Innovation Lead, Associate Director, Takeda



Marcos Paganini, Vice President of Global Manufacturing Strategy and deployment, J&J Consumer Segment, Johnson & Johnson

Domagoj Dinter, Director, Global Business Owner MES, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Jean-Francois Dierick, Strategic Analytical Validation & Lifecycle Lead, Analytical Research and Development, Vaccines, GSK

Process Mapping to Identify Automation Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Frank Thielmann, Operational Excellence Director & Head Business Excellence, Takeda

Continued Method Verification: Advanced Monitoring of Method Performance and Beyond


Phu Nguyen, Program Lead, GSK

Digitally Optimising Biopharma Manufacturing Operations and Processes: Integrating Digital Tools, Automatin, IoT And Emerging Technology to Achieve Pharma 4.0


Yudan Lin, Digital & AI Innovations Lead, Takeda

What Does the Future Hold? Developing the Next Generation of Manufacturing Facilities



Giovanni Giorgio, Senior Digital Engineer, Front End Engineering and Design, GSK

Frank Thielmann, Operational Excellence Director & HEad Business Excellence, Takeda

Anne Bard, Design Lead, Front End Engineering and design, GSK

We hope to see you in-person at IoT & Smart Pharma Summit East on 16-17 November 2022 in Boston, MA


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