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2022 Smart Manufacturing Food and Beverage Virtual Summit Recordings


Thank you for attending the Smart Manufacturing Food and Beverage Virtual Summit 2022. We hope you enjoyed the presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive networking.


We have made the recordings of each session available below:


How to Build a Digital Strategy for the Smart Factory

Emilio Angles Isern, Industry 4.0 Development Lead, Kellogg’s Company

From Proof-of-Concept to Proof of Scale: Lessons Learned from Multi-Site Deployments

Sree Hameed, Global Marketing Manager for Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods Industry, AVEVA

Sheetal Jain, Director of MES Practice, AVEVA

Technology Demonstration by AVEVA
Virtual Roundtable: Adopting a Data Driven Manufacturing Approach to Boost Productivity and Promote Continuous Improvements

Robert Ruigrok, Project Manager, Digital Manufacturing, Danone

Daniel Stauft, Director of Operational Technology, SugarCreek

Hugh Roddy, VP of Engineering Projects, Chobani

Erik Veedfald Jensen, Lead Release Train Architect, Arla Foods

The Rise of the Augmented Worker: A New Approach to Training and Supporting the Future Manufacturing Workforce

Chris Kuntz, VP of Strategic Operations, Augmentir

Digital Transformation and Organizational Value: Focus on the Critical Few

Ed Ballina, VP, Manufacturing and Warehousing, PepsiCo

Sensor Intelligence, a Foundation for Industry 4.0

Susan Nangle, Key Accounts Manager, Digital Consulting, SICK

Virtual Roundtable: Defining the Strategic Roadmap to Facilitate the Transition Towards Industry 4.0

Ted Combs, Industry Principal for Consumer Products, AVEVA

Alberto Cozer, Senior BRM/FRM Business Process Automation, Nestle

Sandeep Disawal, Sr. Manager, Applied AI and Digital Strategy, Global R&D, PepsiCo

Lothar Lang, Senior Leader Process Control and Automation, Cargill

Jarrod Anderson, Emerging Technology Leader, Archer Daniels Midland

Pedro De Los Santos, PMO Digital Manufacturing, The Kraft Heinz Company

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