Smart Lab Facilities

2022 Smart Lab Facilities Virtual Summit Recordings


Thank you for attending the Smart Lab Facilities Virtual Summit 2022. We hope you enjoyed the presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive networking.


We have made the recordings of each session available below:


Master Planning, Design & Strategy: The Fundamental Elements of Success when Developing Smart Lab Facilities

Moderator: David Bender, Business Development Director, CBRE’s Integrated Laboratory Solutions


Jared Byrne, Director of Corporate Real Estate, Amgen
Dr. Steven Driver, Global Energy Program Director, Principle Engineer, Sanofi
Carlos Santiago, MBA, PE, VP, Head of Americas, Worldwide Real Estate & Facilitites, GSK

Reducing Cybersecurity Risk in Digital Transformation with Early Threat Detection & Incident Response

Dwight Agriel, Sr Cybersecurity Consultant, Honeywell OT Cybersecurity

Technology Demonstration by Clustermarket
Smart Lab Facilities of the Future: The Next Generation of Scientific Workplaces

Paul Janssenswillen, Head of Scientific Projects, CBRE

Embracing a New Normal: Creating Occupant-Centric Smart Lab Facilities in a Post-COVID World


Kerri Anderson, Manager, Laboratory Operations, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals
Amanda Allen, Senior Director of Operations, Odyssey Therapeutics
Krisha Panchalingam, Senior Manager Lab Operations, Abata Therapeutics
Gabriela J Rodriguez Vasquez, Manager, Lab Operations, MOMA Therapeutics
Demet Aybar, Director of Facilities, Lab Ops and EHS, Strand Therapeutics

Flexibility by Design: Taking a Proactive Approach to Future-Proofing Lab Facilities

Jake Haworth, Associate Director of Operations, Alloy Therapeutics

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