Panel Discussion: Optimizing Life Science Labs, Workflows & Workforces with Disruptive Technology: Embracing the Digital Future of Scientific Discovery, Research and Development

Time: 5:00PM - 5:45PM

Date: 21 May 2024 Block 5


The pursuit for digitally optimized workflows, reduced costs, accelerated timelines, and increased collaboration across life science labs is driving organizations to
embrace automation, robotics, and disruptive technology at pace and scale, in a concerted effort to bring high quality, ground-breaking medicines and treatments
to patients faster.

Panelists will discuss the status quo, common challenges faced, and best practice strategies for driving continued lab innovation which supports our scientific workforces
and meets our ambitions for optimal scientific outcomes.

• Strategic Lab Automation: Identifying suitable technology and partners that meet our growing need for accelerated, streamlined and optimized scientific
• How will digital disruption reshape our evolving scientific workforces and influence our overall journey towards labs of the future?
• Delivering ROI with cost-effective lab automation: How should we refine our strategies and capabilities to deliver lab innovation that’s scalable, flexible and
within budget?
• Cultivating a collective and cohesive effort: How should we encourage stakeholders, industry collaborators and solutions providers to pool resources and
knowledge to accelerate the transformational journey
• Next phase of scientific innovation: What do we envisage as our labs of the future, and how will emerging technology further support continued scientific


  • Rishi Mahajan Lead R&D Automation Engineer - Regeneron
  • Jesse Mulcahy CellinoJesse Mulcahy Director, Head of Automation - Cellino
  • Jason Ekert Head of US Discovery Translational Technology - UCB
  • Samuel Mohler Founder - Lab Automators
  • Olga Seltser Head of Automation/ VP Automation - Sail Biomedicines / Harbinger Health

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