Digital Labs: How can R&D Lab Operations Benefit from Data Capture with Mobile Technology?

23 November 2021   |    3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT

Digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry brings higher visibility to lab processes. By leveraging data from equipment utilization, consumables usage, or shared facilities occupation, lab operations can be optimized to avoid downtime, reduce service costs, and proactively adjust ordering or maintenance.


Collecting this data in real-time from scientists’ activities in automatized processes remains challenging. As mobile companions of scientists, digital lab assistants are strategically positioned to provide such data linked in its context and shed light on experiments happening at the bench.

Questions to be discussed include:

  • How can real-time tracking from equipment or consumables usage support lab management?
  • What are the current solutions to capture operational data?
  • Which operational data is still missing to inform lab operations?
  • How can mobile technology help to aggregate metadata around each lab procedure?
  • How can real-time metadata from lab activities make R&D operations more efficient with data-driven strategic decisions?
  • What are the priorities in term of lab operations optimizations?

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