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Taking an Industry 4.0 Approach:

Achieving Smarter Pharma Life Sciences Manufacturing Operations through Technology and Innovation

3 March 2022 | 08:00 - 09:00 PST

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must accelerate production activities to meet with increased global demand, however, operating in a highly regulated environment means they will face unique challenges. This strategic awareness has motivated them to carry out a retrospective assessment of manufacturing operations, and to identify suitable areas of focus for digital optimization.


This roundtable discussion will look at how Industry 4.0 can enhance quality, productivity, speed and flexibility to achieve higher levels of integration across the value chain and the entire product lifecycle.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Exploring the unique and often complex challenges faced by Pharma Life Science Manufacturers
  • What are the key fundamentals required for successful adoption and implementation of technology innovations within the pharma life sciences manufacturing environment?
  • Ensuring strategy alignment for a synergistic approach to digitalization: Effectively managing disparities between leadership objectives and practical deployment
  • Evaluating AI-Driven manufacturing operations: How can technology enhance real-time visibility and what are the associated impacts and implications with this type of technology?
  • Examining best-practice methods for handling plant data: What are the options are available, to enable optimized analysis and enhanced decision-making?
  • Achieving increasingly predictable, reliable, smart manufacturing operations through technology: Leveraging automation and digital tools to mitigate risk, enhance quality, reduce anomalies and minimize down-time

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