Dr. Nicola Crosetto, MD, PHD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Dr. Crosetto is a Principal Investigator at the Science for Life Laboratory and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. His primary research interest is in understanding the origin and mechanisms of formation of genomic alterations in cancer cells, focusing on the interplay between genome organization, transcription and genome fragility. Dr. Crosetto has been working as a researcher for the past 13 years, after studying medicine and specializing in medical oncology. Over the years, he has been an active developer of molecular methods now widely used, including  sequencing based methods (BLESS, Nature Methods 2013; BLISS, Nature Communications 2017; CUTseq, Nature Communications 2019; GPSeq, Nature Biotechnology 2020) and microscopy based methods for direct visualization of DNA and RNA molecules in cells and tissues, including HD-FISH (Nature Methods 2013), FuseFISH (Cell Reports 2014), FFPE-smFISH (Oncotarget 2017), RollFISH (Communications Biology 2018) and iFISH (Nature Communications 2019).