Medocity is a leading digital health technology company that has been serving the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry for almost a decade. We offer the only fully composable, modules-based platform that is easily configurable and customizable to the customer requirements and use case — from a single study in less than 4 weeks to broad companywide enterprise-level solutions for all your clinical and research data needs. In decentralized clinical trials, Medocity’s platform captures valuable real-time clinical insights & real-world data, such as eCOA, ePRO etc., while engaging patients throughout their disease journey and providing digital support, including early detection, guidance, and proactive interventions. With omni-channel access in real time from any device, our technology is interoperable and swift in implementation, while it seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources including EMR and APCD data plus hundreds of connected sensors, data sources and external systems. Any Device. Any Disease. Any Where. Any Time.