Jake Janey, Scientific Director Business Engagement & Technology, Data Technology Engineering, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Jake earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Harvard University in 2003 under the mentorship of Professor David Evans. Jake then began his career in the Process Research group at Merck where he contributed to several late-stage projects. Jake also co-led the team that was responsible for the design, development, and implementation of a biocatalytic manufacturing route for Januvia using a highly evolved transaminase enzyme. In 2011, Jake moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb where he led a Chemical Process Development Technology Group, which endeavors to discover and optimize manufacturing routes using robotics, machine learning, HTE crystallization/solubility, chemocatalysis, and biocatalysis. Recently his team’s work, in collaboration with Princeton University, reported in Nature a new Bayesian Optimization software package to optimize complex chemical reactions. In addition, Jake co-lead the development of a BMS scientific search and knowledge management platform which employs next-generation NLP/NLU capabilities. Jake is currently a Senior Director at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Data, Technology, and Engineering where he is working to digitize lab based workflows and modernize data capture and use. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-janey-4aa7613 and Twitter @Phlogiston1