Leveraging Emerging Technology to Increase Capacity, Drive Down Costs and Improve Quality

16 November 2022

Virtual | 8:30am Pacific Time

The IoT Smart Pharma East Summit has already taken place. Visit  our website or email info@amg-world.co.uk for more info on other events of interest.

What’s the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Chain?

Whilst traditionally, the pharma sector has been cautious in their approaches to technology, the disruptions from COVID-19, ongoing cost pressures and increasing supply chain complexity has forced companies to adapt.

Unlocking the benefits of emerging technologies has become the priority with pharma manufacturers implementing AI and Data platforms, IoT, Digital Twins and Augmented Reality to increase speed, efficiency, and quality across their plants.

However, inflexible legacy infrastructure, lack of technical expertise and resistance to change is slowing down progress and putting the potential ROI of new projects at risk.

Join smart pharma, manufacturing, and technology specialists on 16 November 2022 to collaboratively discuss how to create a seamless transformation project.

Smart Manufacturing Experts 2022

Henny Hampton of Merck speaking at AMG World

Henny Hampton

Associate Director, Data & Manufacturing Operations,


Eric Sacia of AbbVie speaking at AMG World

Eric Sacia

Principal Research Scientist


Daniel DeAlmeida of Scitara speaking at AMG World

Daniel DeAlmeida

Product Executive


Geoff Gerhardt of Scitara speaking at AMG World

Geoff Gerhardt

Chief Technology Officer


John Harrington of HighByte speaking at AMG World

John Harrington

Chief Product Officer


Scott Brown of Andelyn Biosciences speaking at AMG World

Scott Brown

Architect, Connected Plant

Andelyn Biosciences

Adam O’Toole of Novartis speaking at AMG World

Adam O’Toole

Director Enterprise Architecture Manufacturing & Engineering


John Baker of Merck speaking at AMG World

John Baker

Executive Director, Manufacturing Data & Analytics


Steven Driver of Sanofi speaking at AMG World

Steven Driver

Global Energy Program Director, Principle Engineer


Sultan Aziz of Johnson & Johnson speaking at AMG World

Sultan Aziz

Senior Director, Product Supply Strategy Management

Johnson & Johnson

The Smart Manufacturing for Pharma Summit will enable you to:

  • Improve operational agility and proactiveness with a data-driven approach to pharma manufacturing & supply, enabling
    faster, smarter, more accurate decision-making
  • Create smart connected facilities of the future which boost productivity and reduce overheads through efficient, optimized, and transparent operation
  • Develop the infrastructure, framework and culture required for the successful transition and migration to digital processes and tool
  • Achieve manufacturing process optimization by implementing and integrating automation, IoT and emerging technology solution
  • Leverage data and advanced insights for improved asset health monitoring and preventative maintenance which minimizes downtime and facilitates operational predictability
  • Utilize automation to enhance business resilience and continuity by implementing technology-led strategies that improve safety, mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Who Will You Meet?

C Suite, VP’s, Presidents, Heads, Directors, Team Leaders and Senior Scientists from:

  • IoT
  • Digital Strategy & Transformation
  • Analytics, AI & Machine Learning
  • Innovation
  • Manufacturing
  • Plant
  • Wearables
  • Medical Devices
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Management, Data Governance & Data Science
  • Quality
  • Integration
  • Cloud
  • Regulation
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs

2022 Sponsors

Get in touch to be positioned as an industry expert amongst the most prominent and influential players in the development of IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Recent disruption has continued to re-shape the conventional approach to networking, creating an opportunity to continue business within a virtual setting.

Our attendees are actively working through their operational and transformational challenges, but they also require support from dedicated solution providers who can offer guidance, expertise and technology to help solve unique business problems.

It is critical that the vendor community continues to support their customers through open discussions and information exchange; as well as nurture existing relationships and building a pipeline of new and valuable leads.

For more information on how we are uniquely placed to help you shape and deliver your message to your target audience, contact us now!

Simon Wright
Commercial Director


CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

Thanks for having me on the panel! I had great conversations and discussions. Looking forward to meeting again.

Shanu Shah
Director of Automation Engineering / CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

LTI 2022 West Sponsor

We had a great time sharing and discussing the latest IoT trends in the pharma manufacturing sector at the IoT and Smart Pharma Summit 2022. The summit featured conversations that are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward.

LTI Mind Tree


What a great event to be part of!


West 2022 Siemens

We were very impressed with the organization your team did to organize such an important event at a critical location for business development.

West 2022 AM Testimonial

Thanks for hosting us last week at San Diego, was great meeting in person!