Graham Bredemeyer, Head of R&D and Technology Development, ZVerse


Graham Bredemeyer is the head of R&D and Technology Development at ZVerse. He is recognized as a leader within digital manufacturing development who brings a vast knowledge of next-generation approaches to solving some of the most challenging opportunities in advanced manufacturing, specifically as it supports digital transformation efforts. Graham’s interests and pursuits revolve around how to use new computing technology and analytical approaches to address bottlenecks that impede getting products into digital manufacturing faster.


Prior to joining ZVerse, Bredemeyer co-founded Collider, a manufacturing technology that ties together continuous DLP 3D printing technology and reaction injection molding technology. As CEO of Collider, Bredemeyer was responsible for fundraising, sales, and operations. Before launching Collider, he worked with traditional manufacturers considering adopting industrial 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies. In advance of this endeavor, Bredemeyer worked as an additive manufacturer TIR for The Company Lab’s GIGTank program (the first 3D printing-focused accelerator program in the U.S.). He has also worked for Shapeways during his tenure with The Company Lab, helping designers improve print success rates of their models as well as playing a part-time role with the materials team.


Graham holds two patents in the 3D printing industry, one for the novel printing process his team developed at Collider and another for a water-soluble photopolymer chemistry. He currently has a patent pending focused on a leading technology that changes the way digital manufacturers leverage designs and specific manufacturing processes.