Gaming Engineering

GAMING ENGINEERING is the new player specialized in the design & manufacturing of multi-material fasteners for industrial series applications. The company focuses on the development and the manufacturing of innovative solutions adapted to the new expectations of high-volume markets, more particularly the automotive industry, for cost & CO2 efficiency.



ERWin® is the fastener that we present at FLA. The technology is a smart multi-material assembly solution to integrate light weight parts (composite, aluminium, or plastics) on steel or aluminium structures with a standard welding process. This insert is first punched into the lightweight part, then the lightweight part is welded to the steel or aluminium parts.



The specificity of the ERWin® lies in the presence of a thermal decoupling and cutting ring around a central welding button. The self-cutting ring allows punching the insert into the light part without creating damage, the associated groove creates a thermal barrier preventing any damage to the lightweight material (burns, melting). The groove also accommodates the flow of the weld bath, offering a sound weld and a large tolerance of material thicknesses. The head of the insert does not rise in temperature, allowing large offsets of the welding electrodes.


Multi-material assemblies