Download the Future Labs, Automation & Technology Europe 2023 Agenda

European Lab IT, R&D and Automation specialists from Roche, Reckitt, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and more  are uniting in London on December 6, 2023 to share strategies to implement smart technologies which will increase lab efficiency, capacity, quality and speed.

What Do Our Attendees Think?

Congratulations on conducting a great event! Many thanks for engaging me with it.
Director, Global Research (Biologics), Amgen

Key themes of the 2023 edition include:

  • Increasing the use of emerging technologies and systems to accelerate the R&D process and increase efficiency, capacity, speed and quality
  • Creating a digitalisation infrastructure and framework to manage the migration to digital processes and tools
  • Conducting an organisational assessment to evaluate and assess current capabilities to determine areas ripe for automation
  • Defining an effective data and analytics strategy that will offer deeper insights to increase the speed and accuracy of decision-making
  • Preparing for the digital transition and develop the mindset for an inclusive culture change

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