2021 Virtual Summit Recordings


Thank you for attending the Smart Lab, Automation and Technology US Virtual Summit 2021. We hope you enjoyed the presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive networking.


We have made the recordings of each session available below:


Virtual Roundtable: Unlocking the True Potential of IoLT (Internet of Laboratory Things)

Brian Arey, Senior Director Leads Discovery and Optimization, Bristol Myers Squibb
Terryl Kibodeaux, Director, R&D Business Relationship Management, Regeneron
Abhishek Mathur, Director, Global Research (Biologics), Amgen
Mary Belfast, Senior Scientist, Automation Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Tuyen Nguyen, Senior Scientist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Boris Brumshtein, Senior Research Scientist, Gilead

Achieving Lab Automation: The Complete 360° Lifecycle of Successful Lab Automation

Aude Smeets, Global Quality Control, Innovation Analytical Technical Expert Automation,
Vaccines, GSK
Vanessa Jully, Senior Manager, Technical R&D Automation Lead, GSK

How to Overcome the Reproducibility Crisis with Digitalization?

Jonas Anielski, Business Manager Digital Solutions, Eppendorf AG

Leveraging PAT Knowledge Management Technology in Your Laboratories

Martin Gadsby, CEO, Optimal Industrial Technologies Ltd.

Embracing the Technologically Optimized Future of Pharma Experimentation, Discovery and R&D

Moiz Diwan, Director, Head of Enabling Technology Group, Abbvie
Jason Ekert, Senior Director, Fellow and Head of Complex In Vitro Models In Vitro/In Vivo
Translation, GSK
Szczepan Baran, Head of Emerging Technologies, Comparative Medicine, SO, Novartis
Martin Trapecar, Professor of Medicine, John Hopkins University

Reducing OT Cybersecurity Risk with Early Threat Detection & Incident Response

Arun Veeramani, Global Cybersecurity Leader, Honeywell Connected Enterprise