2021 Virtual Summit Recordings


Thank you for attending the Smart Lab, Automation and Technology Europe Virtual Summit 2021. We hope you enjoyed the presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive networking.


We have made the recordings of each session available below:


Virtual Roundtable: Breaking Down the Journey Towards Smart Labs of the Future

Zoe Hughes-Thomas, Head Medicine Design Automation Team, GSK
Andreas Steinle, Manager Digital Solutions, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Robin Brouwer, Digital Lab Capability Leader, R&D IT, AstraZeneca
Nick Pattinson, Head of Lab Automation, Automata (Moderator)

Achieving Lab Automation: The Complete 360° Lifecycle of Successful Lab Automation

Aude Smeets, Global Quality Control, Innovation Analytical Technical Expert Automation,
Vaccines, GSK
Vanessa Jully, Senior Manager, Technical R&D Automation Lead, GSK

Leveraging PAT Knowledge Management Technology in Your Laboratories

Martin Gadsby, CEO, Optimal Industrial Technologies Ltd.

Harnessing the Potential of Scientific Data and Advanced Lab Connectivity

Penny Smee, Director & Senior Product Owner, GSK
Miriam Guest, Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
Pritesh Makwana, Senior IT Business Relationship Manager – Regulatory
(Health, Hygiene and Nutrition), Reckitt
Antonio Gaetano Cardillo, Senior Scientist, Vaccines, GSK

Improving and Simplifying Automation Processes : Commonalities, Specifics & Examples

Dr Gary Sharman, Senior Scientific Director, Mestrelab Research

Leveraging Compound and Therapeutic Antibody Analytical Data

Felipe Albrecht, Senior Scientist, Discovery Informatics, Roche

Accomplishing Lab Digitalization: The Complete 360° Lifecycle of Successful Digital

Sophie Bailes, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, AstraZeneca
Vanessa Jully, Senior Manager, Technical R&D Automation Lead, GSK
Cindy Novak-DeLaurell, Senior Manager, Lab Computing Systems, Bristol Myers Squibb
Aude Smeets, Analytical Technical Expert Automation (GQC), Vaccines, GSK
Michael Schwartz, Head of Product Marketing, Benchling (Moderator)