Driving Innovation to Accelerate Clinical Oncology Trials

2 November 2021   |    16:00 – 17:00 CET

The recent pandemic has forced the industry to modernize their approaches and explore new ways of bringing clinical trials to patients. This creates extra challenges for oncology trials because they are often complex due to the seriousness of the disease and require visits to the trial sites due to the use of innovative technologies.

In this roundtable, we will explore the challenges associated with oncology trials, as well as innovative strategies and technology that can accelerate recruitment, enhance engagement, and maintain quality.

Questions to be discussed include:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted oncology trials and how can we leverage these insights to optimize post-pandemic clinical development
  • Highlighting unique challenges for oncology patients and the importance of applying the patient perspectives to clinical trial design, execution, and recruitment
  • Identifying flexible technology-enabled approaches and operational adjustments to reach more patients, such as including local hospitals to screen patients or even take over specific parts of the trial
  • Virtual vs. hybrid Trials: Which digital approaches will best meet the needs of today’s cancer patient (home-based monitoring, shipping drugs directly to patients, leveraging real-world data as virtual control arms)
  • Future of oncology clinical trials and use cases: Exploring potential novel approached that will specifically accelerate recruitment for oncology trials

Sponsored by:

Treatments of tomorrow need clinical trials and clinical trials need patients today. iClusion solves the problems of the 2 biggest bottlenecks in drug development Local Study Startup and Patient Recruitment by means of a professional platform named Trial Eye and a public service named Heyleys.

Unique about the iClusion services is that they have been designed from the viewpoint of the 2 most important stakeholders within clinical trials; the patient and their treating physician. If they have easy access to clinical trials and can participate, drug development can speed up. The Footprint iClusion wants to leave on this planet, is changing the lives of patients.

The professional Trial Eye platform connects study sponsors, study sites, physicians and their patients in a closed-loop ecosystem, providing a harmonized and standardized network infrastructure for local study startup and patient recruitment. Because clinical trials should always be an option! Public service Heyleys is committed to giving patients access to information on research with new drugs to discuss these extra treatment options with their own physician. Because research of today is tomorrow’s treatment!

Both the Trial Eye and Heyleys services serve as a new front office and single point of entry to clinical trials, with the ability to connect the dots.

High tech connections can be made to other digital services within Clinical Operations like EHR, EDC and other data carriers that can match patients directly to trials. Examples of these kind of partnerships can be found in the Partner section of this website (about us).