Leveraging Digital Twins to Transform and Accelerate Manufacturing Innovation in 2023 Virtual Roundtable

18 April 2023 | Online

11am-12pm EST / 8am-9am PST/ 4pm-5pm BST

Rise in consumer demand and shifting customer preferences are driving manufactures to create enhanced products at an accelerated rate. To achieve this, they are utilizing digital twin technology.

While digital twins offer many operational benefits such as shorter production times, enhanced quality control, real-time monitoring, and improved asset management, implementing a digital twin model can be both operationally and digitally challenging.

This virtual roundtable discussion will explore best practice strategies to apply, integrate, scale, and manage digital twins across your plants.

Learn From Our Expert Digital Twin Panel

Giovanni Giorgio of GSK speaking at AMG World

Giovanni Giorgio

Senior Digital Engineer


Arqum Ahmad of Leonardo speaking at AMG World

Arqum Ahmad

Specialist - Digital Factory


Seonhi Ro of Ford Motor Company speaking at AMG World

Seonhi Ro

Industry 4.0 Specialist

Ford Motor Company

Dr. Satyajit Wattamwar of Unilever R&D speaking at AMG World

Dr. Satyajit Wattamwar

Data Science & Digital Expertise Leader

Unilever R&D

Marcelo Gonella Fernandez of Chevron speaking at AMG World

Marcelo Gonella Fernandez

Product Manager for Digital Twin & Rich Media


Key Topics To Be Explored:

  • Unlocking industry perceptions of the digital twin model: Exploring our real-world definition and the wider experience of users
  • What steps should be taken to prepare your plant for reliable digital twin models: Creating a foundation for technology implementation
  • Ensuring ROI and securing workforce buy-in when leveraging the digital twin for predictive maintenance
  • How to translate human experience and other off-data information as inputs for digital twin models
  • Exploring the role of digital twins for asset management: Improved maintenance, enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined product development
  • Identifying common misconceptions, challenges and uncovering future applications of digital twins in manufacturing

Who you will meet:

VPs, Directors, Global Heads, and Managers of

Digital Twins
Digital Manufacturing/ Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0
Digital Product/ Emerging Technology/ Manufacturing Technology/ IIoT
Manufacturing Operations/ Factory Operations
Smart factory/ Intelligent Factory/ Connected plant
Digital Innovation/ Technology Innovation
Digital Transformation/ Manufacturing Transformation
Predictive Maintenance
Asset Management
Quality Control

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