Digital Therapeutics Global 2021 Event Recordings

View the event recordings to explore the challenges and opportunities related to the adoption, implementation and transition required to incorporate digital therapeutics into the commercial pharma portfolio.

Key themes of the event include:

  • Create and refine the roadmap for successful development, integration and implementation of digital therapeutics within the current pharma portfolio
  • Prepare for the digital age, convey the message, gain buy-in and develop the mindset required to embrace digital medicine at scale
  • Navigate the regulatory, reimbursement and commercialization landscape of DTx, to define suitable routes to market and effective business models
  • Leverage real world evidence to create value with digital health tools, unlocking sustainable opportunities for pharma, patients and stakeholders
  • Develop digital therapeutics that facilitate adherence, improve efficacy, enhance outcomes and reduce costs in administering healthcare as standalone or companion solutions
  • Create strategic partnerships by identifying and selecting suitable partners and solutions providers who can add value and accelerate the advancement of DTx