Design Collaboration from Concept to Production: Solutions to Accelerate Digital Manufacturing

Technology has enabled engineering and manufacturing to move forward in many areas, yet manual, disparate, and frustrating processes still leave a critical information gap in part files before products move to production. This breakdown could result in the need for re-design, causing time delays, cost implications, and quality issues.



This Virtual Roundtable Discussion is designed for Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, and Third-party functions looking for solutions to optimize design and manufacture by creating a transparent, collaborative digital workspace for stakeholders.

11 March 2021
 09:00 – 10:00 AM PST

This Virtual Roundtable Discussion will focus on:

  • Organizational assessment: Identifying the problems and developing a roadmap to leverage digital manufacturing capabilities
  • Enhancing business outcomes through cross-functional transparency: Cost reduction, speed, agility, quality, and customer experience
  • Breaking down the physical, cultural and technology barriers: Culture, buy-in, leadership, and organizational readiness
  • Proven approaches to collaboration: Rethinking process to bridge the gaps between product design and manufacturing
  • Exploring technology that fills design information gaps in the digital thread and enables better decisions at every step of the journey
  • Use cases: Evaluating the return for internal and external customers through streamlining collaboration

Sponsored by:

ZVerse, Inc. – Digital Manufacturing Enablement (DME)


A key objective of advanced manufacturing is the reduction of the time and cost for new or existing part designs to exit product development and enter prototyping/manufacturing.  To achieve that goal, OEMs require new ways to decrease time consuming and disparate activities that include numerous design iterations, engineering change order and cost requests, scaling 2D CAD file to 3D models, and assigning part manufacturability at the material, process, and machine level.


ZVerse is defining Digital Manufacturing Enablement with its AI driven workflow platform and algorithms for OEM manufacturers.  Our easy-to-use interface helps OEMs achieve their goal of bringing efficiency to the DFM process with the tools to assess, measure and communicate part information for and with the multiple constituents involved in design and manufacturing.  By housing the most contextually rich part files within ZVerse’s next generation digital library, the OEM has searchable access to highly attributed part data including original 2D drawings, change requests, annotations, process requirements, and the intent of the various constituents who designed and modified that part.