Lab of the Future: Optimizing the Lab Experiment through Digital Transformation

It is critical that scientists capture accurate, quality data from lab experiments that they can transfer into knowledge and speed up experiments.


This Virtual Roundtable Discussion will look at the challenges and opportunities associated with digitalizing lab experiments and how it can reduce human error, optimize data, and enhance quality.

30 March 2021
 15:00 – 16:00 GMT

This Virtual Roundtable Discussion will focus on:

  • How has COVID-19 influenced and accelerated change with digitalization?
  • Aligning company goals: How does lab digitalization fit into the bigger picture and organizational wide efforts?
  • Highlighting the importance of connecting instruments and capturing data digitally: Understanding the experiment better, deeper insights and optimizing decision making
  • Data & analytics strategies: Hurdles, opportunities, and ingredients for success
  • Industry wide initiatives: The importance of data sharing between industrial partners.
  • Future of labs: How will the industry continue to evolve and what is next for the digitalization of lab experiments?

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