6 December 2023 Block 2 Seminars

12:30PM - 1:00PM

Cultivating Data Culture for Digital Transformation: Unleashing the Power of AI

  • Exploring data platforms as key enablers of transformation
  • Building data-driven mindsets and approaches
  • Unlocking life science data with improved integration and connectivity
  • Evaluating how AI is reshaping our work with data


1:00PM - 2:00PM

Networking Lunch and Exhibition

2:00PM - 2:30PM

Developing a Step-Change Approach to Streamlined, Human-Centric, Lab Innovations

  • How is disruptive technology transforming our labs and the scientific stakeholder experience?
  • Harnessing emerging technologies to positively impact and add value within the lab
  • Digital user-experience: Importance of human-interaction and feedback for increased adoption
  • Harmonising workforce capabilities: Balancing traditional scientific experience with technology implementation


  • Vanessa Jully, GSKVanessa Jully Associate Director, TRD Automation Lead – Projects & Digital Sciences - GSK
2:30PM - 3:00PM

Chemometrics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Language (ML) in the Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory

  • Introduction, motivations, and the historical background of AI/ML, Chemometrics and other algorithms
  • Classical chemistry (Analytical Chemistry): The separation, identification, and quantification of chemical substances using univariate analysis
  • Modern Chemistry (Chemometrics): The design of experiment (DoE), sampling, preprocessing, and statistics using multivariate analysis (MVA)
  • 21st Century Chemistry (AI / ML): Using data to perform supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement training to elicit descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive


3:00PM - 3:30PM

Networking Break and Exhibition