5-Dec-2023-Block-5 Seminars

4:15PM - 4:45PM

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Decision-Making, Process Efficiency, and Effective Communication


  • Liam Robinson Director of Facilities Operations - Stanford University
  • Angel Fong Assistant Director of Technology Services - Stanford University School of Medicine Technology
4:50PM - 5:35PM

World Cafe

The scenario-based format discussion is designed to promote active participation and critical thinking among attendees. This format places participants in real or simulated situations, prompting them to address challenges, make decisions, and collaboratively explore potential solutions.
It serves as an effective way to accelerate insightful conversations, share experiences, and apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

5:35PM - 5:40PM

Closing Remarks from AMG World


Networking Drinks Reception

All attendees are invited to attend our networking drinks reception
at the end of the day’s proceedings. This is our way of saying thank
you for your contribution and to create an additional opportunity to
continue your discussions in an informal setting.