4 April 2024 Block 6 Seminars

4:45PM - 5:30PM

Panel Discussion: Creating a Fully Automated Smart Factory Model: The Journey So Far, Current Barriers and Next Steps

In a rapidly evolving landscape, manufacturers must prioritize organizational analysis over hasty tech integration, and ensure they develop a strategic approach to navigate Industry 4.0 to realize their business objectives. Remaining relevant and driving innovation requires careful consideration of organizational strengths and pain points, ensuring strategic alignment with smart manufacturing initiatives.

From interoperability struggles to cybersecurity threats, this panel will evaluate the manufacturing sector’s current Smart Factory model and offer strategies to tackle upcoming challenges.

• Developing a comprehensive Industry 4.0 roadmap that aligns with the broader organizational strategy.
• How can we effectively scale successful smart technology initiatives?
• How can manufacturers organize their data effectively to leverage the full potential of smart technologies such as predictive analytics?
• Attracting, retaining, and upskilling a digitally minded workforce through integration of technologies, such as AI, Automation & XR
• Envisioning the future of smart manufacturing: Exploring how AI, Cobots, and other innovations can complement and enhance the existing workforce


  • Roger Brecht Vice President Of Digital Manufacturing - Nestlé Purina North America
  • Alexander Bichutsky Information Technology Project Manager, Automation/OT & CSV - Novartis
  • Dr Heitor Cauneto Global Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation (Operations 4.0) Sr. Director - Bunge
  • Sam NazfigerSam Nafziger IT Manager - Gripple USA
5:30PM - 5:40PM

Closing Remarks from AMG World

5:40PM - 6:40PM

Networking Drinks Reception