4 April 2024 4 Seminars

2:15PM - 2:45PM

Harnessing Digital Twins for Predictive Maintenance and Process Innovation in Your Smart Factory

• Exploring what a Digital Twin is and its role in making factories ‘smart.’
• How can machines tell you they are ready to be serviced?
• Identifying opportunities for process optimization
• Establishing a robust backbone for your digital twin journey
• The importance of Augmented Analytics for sustained growth & improvements


2:45PM - 3:15PM

Strategies for Scaling: Tackling Corporate and Vendor Challenges in Advancing Smart Factory Initiatives

• Highlighting the significance of scaling technology for manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness
• Identifying internal resistance and cultural barriers that hinder transition from pilot projects to large-scale implementation
• Fostering collaborative partnerships between technology vendors and corporations to enhance mutual growth
• Leveraging incremental steps to ensure seamless integration and maximize the benefits of smart factory initiatives


  • Maria S. Araujo Director, Engineering Fellow, Advanced Technology Strategy & Transformation - Johnson & Johnson
3:15PM - 3:45PM