24 Sep 2024 Block 7 Seminars

5:00PM - 5:45PM

Developing Greener Future Labs: Implementing Sustainable Practices in Lab Operations

Prioritizing sustainability in lab operations can lead to cost reductions of up to 30%. As pharma labs continue to evolve, the importance of integrating
sustainability practices and ensuring safety (EHS) compliance has never been more critical.

As West Coast lab managers face stricter environmental regulations and safety standards, they must strike a balance between operational efficiency,
environmental responsibility, and safety.

This panel will address critical aspects of developing greener labs of the future:
• Balancing compliance with stringent EHS regulations while encouraging innovation and development in pharma labs
• Implementing strategies and technologies to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency while maintaining high operational standards
• Best practices for handling, storing, and the disposal of chemicals to ensure the safety of lab personnel and the environment
• Is your Lab LEED Certified? Designing lab architecture that enhances resource efficiency, aligning with long-term environmental objectives and
regulatory expectations
• Role of robust data management systems in tracking sustainability metrics and EHS compliance for transparent reporting
• Blueprint for energy saving design and HVAC for lab renovations and adaptive reuse


  • Partha Krishnan Deputy Director, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) - Sanofi
  • View full profile for Ariana PalenciaAriana Palencia Senior Manager, Lab Operations and Facilities - Aera Therapeutics
  • Pruthvi Shah Sr Lab Operations Manager - NKarta Inc
5:45PM - 5:50PM

Closing Remarks by Conference Chair and AMG World

5:50PM - 5:55PM

Asset Performance Management – Listen to Your Lab And Act


  • Steve Heffner National Sales Director, CrossLab Services - Agilent CrossLab Group
5:55PM - 7:00PM

DRINKS RECEPTION hosted by Agilent CrossLab Group