24 January 2024 Seminars

11:00AM - 11:35AM

Transforming R&D Shipping & Customs for Biopharmaceutical Industry Using an Operational Excellence Roadmap

  1. Navigating challenges in applying operational excellence in R&D
  2. Developing an operational excellence roadmap for R&D
  3. Case Study: Transformation of R&D Shipping & Customs using principles of operational excellence



11:35AM - 12:10PM

Optimizing Temperature-Controlled Distribution in Demanding Geographical Settings: Harnessing Collaboration and Technology Integration

  1. Navigating the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods across challenging geographic regions
  2. Establishing collaborative partnerships to overcome common constraints
  3. Getting to grips with the complex regulatory landscape and compliance requirements
  4. Leveraging technology to optimize supply chain visibility and service excellence
12:10PM - 1:10PM

Transforming E2E Pharma Supply Chain to Achieve Agility and Responsiveness

The pharma supply chain and warehouse operations landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. New challenges and opportunities are emerging, driven by factors such as changing consumer expectations, global supply chain disruptions, and the need for efficiency and sustainability.

In this panel session, we will delve into how AI, data & analytics, software, and automation solutions are shaping the future of supply chain for the life science sector.

  1. What’s keeping supply chain leaders up at night? Assessing the challenges faced in achieving a fully digitalized supply chain model
  2. Developing methods to predict product demand, manage inventory levels, prevent stockouts and minimize excess inventory costs
  3. Leveraging advanced WMS software to optimize storage location assignments, track product movement, and provide real-time insights into space utilization for informed decision making
  4. Maintaining supply chain security when managing geographically distributed sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
  5. Exploring emerging technologies and the importance of data for supply chain management, demand forecasting & inventory tracking
  6. How to overcome the biggest barrier to innovation: Complex regulations, strict quality control, vendors resources, high cost, and ROI concerns


  • Sarfaraz Nawaz Product Innovation and Supply Chain Digital - Johnson & Johnson
  • Gisele Fahmi Director, Global Digital Manufacturing and Transformation, - Pfizer
  • Opeyemi Odusami Associate Director, Global Supply Chain Product Lead - Sanofi
  • Vickram Srivastava Head of Planning- Global supply Chain - SUN Pharma