16 November 2022 Seminars

8:30AM - 8:55AM

Virtual Exhibition and Networking

8:55AM - 9:00AM

Opening Remarks

Emily Donohoe, Conference Director, AMG World

9:00AM - 9:35AM

Real-Time Modelling Systems for Pharma Manufacturing

  • Leveraging digital tools to predict how automation will behave and visualise facility constraints
  • Applying AI to accommodate variability, optimize the manufacturing process and unlock capacity
  • Collecting and analyzing useful data from across the organization to build an accurate model of the process
  • Use cases, metrics to measure success and results


  • Henny Hampton Associate Director, Data & Manufacturing Operations, - Merck
9:30AM - 10:05AM

Accelerating Scientific Discovery through True Digital Transformation

  • Highlighting the crucial elements of digital transformation for scientific laboratories and the need for scalable and compliant infrastructure platforms
  • Protecting your investments by modernizing and universally connecting lab instruments, software and applications
  • Accelerating science and reducing time in the laboratory through data-driven insight in process design and technology transfer


10:05AM - 10:30AM

Networking Break and Virtual Exhibition

10:35AM - 11:10AM

Industrial IoT for Sustainability: Reducing the Environmental Impact

  • How can IIoT Help with environmental monitoring?
  • Implementing IoT devices to cut costs, extend life of machines and achieve environmental targets
  • Uses of IoT for sustainability: Asset control, fleet and supply chain management, intelligent waste management and emissions monitoring
  • Creating a sustainability roadmap that leverages IoT and emerging technology


  • Steven Driver SanofiSteven Driver Global Energy Program Director, Principle Engineer - Sanofi
11:10AM - 12:10PM

The Future of Pharma Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

The Future of Pharma Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

There is a myriad of new technology like edge computing and 5G, IoT tracking sensors, and predictive maintenance shaping the way enterprises manage and run

their manufacturing operations.

This panel discussion will discuss how IoT leaders can plan and prepare for emerging technology and ensure they can effectively plan, implement and scale new


  • How far has IoT in pharma manufacturing come, how is it currently being leveraged and how far does IoT have to go?
  • What can the industry do to increase the adoption of IoT in the Pharma Manufacturing sector?
  • How are other sectors leveraging IoT and emerging technology and what are the lessons for pharma?
  • What specific technologies and innovations are paving the way for plant and factory floors, smart supply chains, and advanced robotics to supercharge growth
  • and efficiency in manufacturing
  • What are the most important considerations when planning both greenfield and brownfield sites?
  • How can we overcome challenges with IT and OT convergence?


  • Sultan AzizJohnson & JohnsonSultan Aziz Senior Director, Product Supply Strategy Management - Johnson & Johnson
  • Steven Driver SanofiSteven Driver Global Energy Program Director, Principle Engineer - Sanofi
  • Angel González Santín Global Facilities & Engineering - Boehringer Ingelheim
12:10PM - 12:40PM

Networking Break and Virtual Exhibition

12:40PM - 1:15PM

Data Architecture for Pharma 4.0: Challenges and Strategies


1:15PM - 1:45PM

Leveraging AI to Accelerate Regulatory Assessments

The Biopharma industry operates in a highly complex regulatory environment governed by 100+ global health agencies. Being a dynamic business, there are

thousands of manufacturing change proposals generated annually that need to be individually assessed for reportability. Merck built an advanced AI knowledge

engine which significantly reduced assessment time and manual labor while increasing consistency.

  • Utilizing advanced digital tools and technologies to address key business challenges
  • Creating strong partnerships across the business and IT to tackle transformational use cases
  • Adopting agile cultural elements to enable rapid product development and innovation



  • John Baker MerckJohn Baker Executive Director, Manufacturing Data & Analytics - Merck