19-March-2024-Block-3 Seminars

11:50AM - 12:20PM

Alternative Lab Models: Shared Labs, Sub-Leasing, Hybrid and Remote Working

  • Evaluating different models to achieve flexibility, creativity, and innovation within lab design
  • Considering equipment sharing, flexible scheduling, and optimized workflows to minimize downtime and enhance productivity
  • Integrating a hybrid model that combines on-site and remote working capabilities to increase flexibility
  • Leveraging technology across all types of spaces to maximize knowledge exchange among team members
12:20PM - 1:20PM

Networking Lunch and Exhibition

1:20PM - 1:50PM

How to Build the Culture of Sustainable Mindsets: Developing an Effective EHS Strategy for Pharma Labs

  • Building an energy-efficient lab facility design incorporating renewable energy sources to reduce operational costs
  • Establish a robust waste management program to reduce pharmaceutical waste and enhance sustainability through recycling and proper disposal
  • Prioritizing green lab practices and selecting energy-efficient equipment: Low-power modes, automatic shutdown, and energy-efficient motors
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance, minimizing risks, and promoting a safe and sustainable working environment