12 September 2023 Block 3 Seminars

12:05PM - 12:40PM

Creating a Micro-Factory for Increased Innovation, Vehicle Customization, and Product Quality

Developing a roadmap to create a smart micro-factory and leverage emerging technology
• How the micro-factory is enabling vehicle customization as opposed to offering mass design options
• Ensuring ROI for high-mix, low-volume, customized and personalized products
• How is the manufacturing process different for a hydrogen fuel vehicle vs a hybrid car, and what are the wider impacts of this?
• What role does the micro-factory play in future automotive manufacturing?


12:40PM - 1:40PM

Networking Lunch and Exhibition

1:40PM - 2:10PM

Exploring the Application of Generative AI in Automotive Manufacturing in 2023

Exploring the real-world definition of Generative AI: What does it mean for the future of automotive manufacturing?
• Evaluating the automotive sector’s current position towards Generative AI: Unlocking the benefits and identifying the top use cases
• What steps should be taken to prepare your plant for Generative AI: Developing a comprehensive framework
• Navigating the legal and regulatory environment when integrating generative AI solutions
• Uncovering collective challenges and common misconceptions to generative AI adoption in the automotive sector