10-Sep-2024-Block-1 Seminars

7:50AM - 8:00AM

Opening Remarks

Max Partington, Conference Director, AMG World

8:00AM - 8:15AM

Chairman’s Opening Remarks


  • Steve Winski Vice President of Business Development - CESMII
8:15AM - 8:45AM

Factory of the Future: Defining a Vision and Strategy

  • Factory of the Future planning and ideation
  • How does the World Class Manufacturing concept of “Ideal Production System” play a role in Factory of the Future?
  • Developing a vision for Factory of the Future and promoting an innovative mindset in the workforce
  • Why competitive benchmarking and the understanding of Manufacturing Readiness Levels is critical when developing the roadmap for Factory of the Future
  • Plan of execution and continuous improvement


  • Brian Breuhan- General MotorsBrian Breuhan Global Manufacturing Optimization Strategist - General Motors
8:45AM - 9:15AM

Implementing Standardized Industry 4.0 Solutions Across Automotive Manufacturing Operations

  • Overcoming the challenges of implementing standardized Industry 4.0 solutions across diverse manufacturing operations
  • Exploring best practices and frameworks for successful implementation and integration: Connection, validation, and adoption
  • Leveraging data analytics, IoT technologies, and user-friendly interfaces for seamless monitoring and optimization
  • Engaging plant floor teams during adoption phase for effective Industry 4.0 utilization across the enterprise


9:15AM - 9:45AM

Accelerating IoT Adoption in Automotive Manufacturing: Leveraging Open-Source MQTT

  • Enabling real-time data exchange: Streamlining communication between devices, edge, and cloud for informed decision-making
  • Leveraging MQTT’s lightweight architecture for efficient and scalable connectivity
  • Implementing secure, encrypted communication protocols for IoT environments
  • Capitalizing on open-source solutions for rapid integration and innovation to reduce time to market
  • Embracing open-source technologies for cost-effective IoT implementations


9:45AM - 10:25AM

Technology Demonstrationg with Copia and EMQ

This session provides an additional opportunity to meet with our product and solution providers in the exhibition hall to learn more about the products, technology, and services that have been developed to solve some of your unique challenges. The technology demonstrations will last approximately 8 minutes on four cycles with the
opportunity to ask questions immediately afterwards over the refreshment break.

10:25AM - 11:05AM

Networking Break