COVID-19 Test Performance and Reliability: Challenges through the Pandemic

25 January 2022   |   16:00 – 17:00 CET

Given the challenges of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists in both research and diagnostic environments are looking to optimize their workflows for crucial time and cost savings.


The COVID-19 pandemic triggered diagnostic testing needs at an unprecedented scale. Early in 2020, manufacturers were still struggling to ramp up the production capacity of the novel COVID-19 tests to an adequate level, constrained supply and high demand pushed shortages on supplies.


In this webinar, we will discuss the recent challenges labs have been facing globally during this recent crisis, from test availability, capacity and criteria; as well as the potential solutions to tackle them head on before the next pandemic occurs.

Attend and learn how to:

  • What strategies and solutions can the industry adopt to increase test performance and reliability?
  • Approvals of new test workflows?
  • How to run a lean workflow during shortages and keep costs down by using technology?
  • How to measure ROI on results?
  • What is the future outlook?

Sponsored by:

DISPENDIX is a young, fast-growing deep-tech startup with products that enable scientists and researchers around the world to make new discoveries in areas such as drug discovery, diagnostics and personalized medicine. Our passion drives us to develop high-tech liquid handling technologies for laboratory automation and life sciences. In 2018, DISPENDIX became part of BICO, a global leader in the development and delivery of life science solutions. BICO equips thousands of laboratories and scientists worldwide with cutting-edge technologies that enable breakthrough in scientific achievements.