August 2017

Company incorporated by Simon Wright

September 2017

Ariel Macalindong

December 2017

Corporate website launches

December 2017

Richard Jones joins the business

December 2017

Mark Giles produces the first AMG World Summit

February 2018

First Masterclass – Blockchain for the Automotive Industry

June 2018

Simon Gibbs joins the business

September 2018

Our first large scale event - Future Wellsite Automation Summit launches

November 2018

Future Light Automotive Summit UK launches

February 2019

Future Midstream Automation Summit launches

April 2019

Mark Giles becomes joint owner of AMG world

May 2019

Future Light Automotive North America Launches

August 2019

Dion Gordon joins the business

August 2019

Luke Tapping joins the business

September 2019

Future Downstream Automation Summit Launches

September 2019

2nd Annual Future Wellsite Automation Summit

October 2019

Future Smart Manufacturing & Automation Summit Launches

November 2019

AMG World Wins Most Innovative Events Company 2019 – UK

November 2019

2nd Annual Future Light Automotive Summit

December 2019

Re-launch of our corporate website