AI Drug Discovery

Implementing AI and ML to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Increase Success Rates

23 February 2023

Marriott Boston Quincy, Boston, MA

The AI Drug Discovery Summit has already taken place. Visit  our website or email for more info on other events of interest.

Drug discovery is a notoriously slow and expensive process, with the average timelines taking ten years and average costs of $2.6 billion. This has forced the pharmaceutical sector to streamline their approach and seek new and emerging technology to make the process quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

However, this transition can be difficult due to lack of skills and knowledge, resistance to change, inadequate infrastructure, and data availability.

With this in mind, the AI Drug Discovery Summit will provide the necessary tools to develop the AI roadmap, overcome common obstacles and integrate AI Technology into the drug discovery process.

AI Drug Discovery 2023 Expert Speakers

Peter Bloomingdale of Boehringer Ingelheim speaking at AMG World

Peter Bloomingdale

Senior Associate Director of Pharmacometrics

Boehringer Ingelheim

Yu Qiu of Sanofi speaking at AMG World

Yu Qiu

Digital Biologics Advanced Application Lead


Maria Florez of Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development speaking at AMG World

Maria Florez

Research Consultant

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

Peter Henstock of Pfizer speaking at AMG World

Peter Henstock

Machine Learning & AI Lead: Combine AI, Software Engineering, Statistics & Visualization


Tamsin Mansley of Optibrium speaking at AMG World

Tamsin Mansley

President, Optibrium Inc. and Global Head of Application Science


Abhishek Pandey of AbbVie speaking at AMG World

Abhishek Pandey

Group Lead, Pharma Discovery


Vasanth Thirugnanam of The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson speaking at AMG World

Vasanth Thirugnanam

Associate Director Data Science

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Marcin Von Grotthuss of Takeda speaking at AMG World

Marcin Von Grotthuss

Associate Director in Machine Learning


Scott Lyon of Optibrium speaking at AMG World

Scott Lyon

Senior Director of Business Development


Zhiyong (Sean) Xie of Pfizer speaking at AMG World

Zhiyong (Sean) Xie

Director, Statistical Learning and Artificial Intelligence


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Attending this event will enable you to:

  • Develop strong AI divisions and build infrastructure to support AI/ML, R&D, statistical and data functions


  • Define an effective data analytics strategy that will offer deeper insights, enhance decision making and improve the accuracy of discovery


  • Change mindsets, educate the workforce, and upskill employees to instil a culture of innovation


  • Align your strategy with the evolving vendor landscape to create strong partnership-driven relationships with solutions providers


  • Streamline interdepartmental communication, agility, and effectiveness with interdisciplinary skills in the business

Who You Will Meet:

VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers and Leads from:

  • AI / ML
  • Data Scientists / Technologists
  • Informatics
  • Pharma Discovery / Drug Discovery
  • Research & Development
  • Digital Health
  • Computational Biologists
  • Statisticians / Biostatistics
  • Principal Scientists

Our sponsors include technology, service and solution providers specializing in:

  • AI / ML Platforms
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Computation Software / Drug Discovery Software
  • Biotechnical Tools / Lab Access
  • Asset Development Partnerships
  • Patient Experience Management Platforms / Mobile & Web Applications
  • Advisory and Professional Services



2023 Sponsors

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2023 Media Partners



Great interactive event indeed ; was pleased not only to attend but being able to share my own experience and meet colleagues and similarly interested people on the use of automation and AI/ML to accelerate drug development ! Thank you again for the event

Director R&D / GSK


Thanks for a great interactive event! Thanks for organising.

Senior IT Business Relationship Manager / Reckitt


It was a great meeting with lots to mull over. Thanks.

Director / AstraZeneca


It was great to participate in the panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for developing smart labs and industrial automation in sustainable manner. Thanks AMG for the invite.

Director, Head of Enabling Technology Development Group / Abbvie


Congratulations on conducting a great event! Many thanks for engaging me with it.

Director, Global Research (Biologics) / Amgen

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